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DealersCircle 101: How it Works, and What it Does for Your Business

You’ve read about us, you’ve heard about us, and now you’re considering working with us. Great! If you’re looking for a bit of information to help determine whether or not we’re right for you, here’s the nuts-and-bolts of what we do:

Defining Dealer’s Circle

What is Dealer’s Circle? Simply put, we’re an online data and communications software system for product manufacturers and their dealers. We streamline everyday business processes so you can spend less time in technical and logistical work and more time focusing on the business at hand. Time is money—but at Dealer’s Circle, we save you both.

How Does It Work?

Easily integrated into any product manufacturer’s business, our software can handle the following with easy:

  • Warranty claims
  • Warranty claim processing
  • Parts ordering
  • Product ordering/management
  • Contacts
  • Dealer networking
  • Documents and correspondence
  • Essentially, we help you run your business. The advantage is that you can run all of these processes from the same software. If you’re a product manager who runs these processes using disconnected, essentially random software selections, then you stand to save a lot of time and money by switching to one central hub for all of your business software needs.

Who Do We Help?

Any business that runs a range of different programs to solve the businesses above qualifies as someone we can help. We also help product manufacturers who are stuck in an “old way” of thinking—say, handling everything via phone calls or faxes or email—by updating their processes. Dealer’s Circle helps by creating one place for you to view everything from contacts to warranty claims, all while documenting each individual communication, issue, and claim.

Integrating Dealer’s Circle

Good news here—it’s really simple to use. Dealer’s Circle is web-based, running on all of the popular web browsers. If you have the Internet, you’re all set to start using Dealer’s Circle. The software structure is simple, easy to use, and won’t require any heavy training to get your people on board.

How to Get Started Today

If you’ve wanted to streamline your warranties, your claims, your communications with dealers, or all of the above for a while now, it’s time to get started with Dealer’s Circle. Simply prepare your industry, your name, your email, your contact phone number and company name and enter it in to our “get a free quote” form. There are no obligations—you’ll simply get a free quote that lets you know exactly what you can expect from Dealer’s Circle.

What to Do If You’re Not Sure Yet

Okay, so you’ve read the 101, you’ve browsed around our website, and you’re still not sure that you’re going to invest any money in Dealer’s Circle. No problem. We offer a free trial that requires no commitment whatsoever. This is the best way to get started with Dealer’s Circle if you’re still on the fence. You can also use this free trial to begin figuring out ways to streamline all of your processes, from processing warranties to contacting dealers.


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