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DealersCircle Signs on Six Additional OEM’s

Jacksonville, FL — DealersCircle, Inc. – the innovative, web-based marine industry provider that conveniently links the manufacturer, dealer and customer together with its state-of-the-art software application – has recently added six marine manufacturers and their associated dealer networks to its growing roster. Those six entities include Nautique Boats, Key West Boats, BRIG/Sirocco RIBs, Iconic Marine Group, Twin Vee Catamarans and International Pontoons.
“Our proprietary software application has become a mainstay in the marine industry helping support numerous brands for 15 years,” said DealersCircle President Scott Davis. “We simplify and automate the process of boat and parts ordering, warranty claims, and customer follow-up, creating a smart, reliable link between the OEM, the dealer network and the end consumers.”
DealersCircle currently represents over 1000 dealers and 21 boat brands in the marine industry.
The company provides marine manufacturers and their dealers a convenient way to simplify boat orders and control inventory, conduct sales, track prospects and customers, produce customized reports and even automate warranty submission, tracking, and approvals with its revolutionary web-based application. The application also promotes and facilitates the use of customer support and document correspondence, such as scheduling the emailing of ‘thank you’ letters, service reminders and notices concerning up-to-date manufacturer and dealer discounts. DealersCircle has virtually unlimited import and export features that allow its data to easily be transmitted to external CSI Programs or other systems.
“In many cases, the associated dealer works with us through one of the marine brands they represent, learning not only how easy and simple we make it to use our application but also how we streamline and automate these processes for them, and then they spread the word on to the other brands they market and service. Our continued growth over the years has been based on our proven practices and problem solving ability. So much so, that we are now even fielding calls outside of the marine industry as other companies learn how our software application can be effectively applied to their industry/dealer network as well,” Davis added.
For more information on DealersCircle, visit; or contact Mark Jerkins at Tinsley Creative, email:; phone: 863.583.0081.

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