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Benefits of Warranty Management Software

Warranty Management Systems help to support efficiency in accessing and using information, as well as making information available to the manufacturer, dealers, repair centers and consumers. Warranty management software streamlines processes and allows companies to save time and money on overhead, while also improving the way in which information is handled. Instead of experiencing unnecessary waiting times, this type of software allows users to move efficiently through information and ultimately get the consumer’s product up and running faster. Further, these systems also help companies better measure their businesses by providing valuable reporting features which allows manufacturers to provide data back to their respective suppliers and potentially negotiate better supplier contracts.

Warranty management software works to standardize warranty processes and improve communication between product manufacturers, supplier companies and original engineering manufacturers in order to increase transparency in information dialogue. The technology provided by DealersCircle allows users to pull relevant figures, evaluations, trends, and reports by manufacturer, dealer and supplier. Unfortunately, many dealers and repair centers use several systems rather than one integrated system, which slows down processing time and can decrease transparency. The use of multiple systems makes it impossible to create a standardized system and train incoming employees. One of the benefits of warranty management software is that users are able to easily navigate through a standardized system that is shared by the dealer and the manufacturer so that existing and new employees can access information quickly and effectively.

Warranty case handling typically starts with the issue, moves to the assessment stage and ultimately to the determination of whether a failure/issue is covered or not covered by the manufacturer. Negotiation processes and the remuneration of goods are typically under scrutiny and this important system allows dealers and manufacturers to communicate with one another more easily and effectively. Warranty costs for manufacturers can be relatively high due to process costs, people costs, and product costs. The high costs of non-integrated systems that are typically managed manually are far from cost effective for companies. According to research, warranty costs that are sustained by businesses could be reduced by 55% through product development process improvements, such as integrated warranty management software.

DealersCircle offers an integrated approach to provide both short-term fixes and long term solutions. DealersCircle is the most up-to-date method of connecting product manufacturers, dealers and repair facilities with their customers through warranty management, sales tracking and more so that the solutions are effective and flexible. We help to streamline companies’ warranty process to save businesses both time and money. Our products are great for manufacturers of any type of product that must communicate with a network of dealers that are responsible for selling and servicing those products. To learn more about how you can start using DealersCircle software you can call us at 888-645-0055 or email us at

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